Secrets and Spies

LOS ANGELES TIMES | Dec. 26, 2006

AND he’s quiet. Imagine, as an actor, reading that line over and over. ...

    “It’s not flashy,” a 36-year-old Matt Damon warns of his latest role, a soft-spoken and stiff-shouldered secret agent in Rober DeNiro’s The Good Shepherd. ... (more)

Tough guys on wheels

LOS ANGELES TIMES | July 6, 2005

No handshake, no hello. ... A tape recorder gather silence; I scribble the word “awkward” onto a pad.

    Mark Zupan (and) Joe Soares ... sit at a table for four ... having arrived by wheelchair, a pair of quadriplegics on opposite sides of the table, on opposite sides of seemingly everything. They’ve come to discuss Murderball, a documentary, opening Friday, in which they both star. But it is clear there will be no idle chit-chat. ... (more)

Big bad John

USA TODAY | Oct. 15, 2006

“Third floor, can’t miss him,” says the guy at the gym counter. And by floor two, looking up at that final flight of stairs, you understand. Glaring down from the top step is a beast of a man, shirtless, ripped and ready to throw down. ...

    Meet John Cena, the ripped wrestling star (of the) action-packed movie The Marine. ... (awaiting permalink ...)

Uma Thurman’s laughing again


    SHE went through a very public divorce and slipped into a yellow jumpsuit to ‘Kill Bill,’ a hallmark role that saw her beaten, shot and buried alive. It was 2003, and Uma Thurman needed  a laugh. ... (more)

Paul Rudd Q&A

USA TODAY | Nov. 2, 2008

    Thirteen years after he entered our lives as Alicia Silverstone’s wisecracking stepbrother in Clueless, Paul Rudd is walking from his Lower Manhattan home in much the same way he has glided through Hollywood ever since that seminal ‘90s film – seemingly noticed, but not exactly fighting off fans. ... (awaiting permalink ...)

Bryan Cranston of ‘Breaking Bad’: On the set

LOS ANGELES TIMES | March 8, 2008

Producers tend to be worried, and today a producer is worried about this story. “You’re not going to write about the flies, are you?”

    It is August in Albuquerque, filming home to that other critically-acclaimed AMC series, Breaking Bad ... (more)

Ryan Seacrest: Far from idle

USA TODAY | May 16, 2004

“I forgot to pee. That’s what I meant to do.”

    Forgive Ryan Seacrest, a stickler for details, for letting this one pass him by. It’s just that he has a lot on his mind these days: two TV shows, two radio shows and, of course, his hair. ... (more)

Art imitates life for ‘Breaking Bad’s’ RJ Mitte

LOS ANGELES TIMES | March 2, 2008

MAYBE one day, RJ Mitte will just be RJ Mitte. Actor. Talented, funny and handsome.

    Maybe one day, he’ll be many other things before he is RJ Mitte, the kid with cerebral palsy. ... (more)

Evan Handler writes of being bald, boorish and grateful ...

LOS ANGELES TIMES | Nov 22, 2008

Evan Handler almost died.

    “It’s important to work that infor-mation into any story I tell,” he wrote in his memoir, “in hope it might excuse whatever behavior I confess to later on. ... “ (more)

Breaking Bad Blog

Californication Blog

Josh writes a weekly blog for the L.A. Times’ Show Tracker about AMC’s Emmy Award-winning series Breaking Bad. Read it here.

Josh wrote a weekly blog for the L.A. Times’ Show Tracker for Seasons 2 and 3 of the Showtime series Californication. Read it here.

For DMB, the joy is back

LOS ANGELES TIMES | Sept. 6, 2009

The bass player didn’t want to be there. The drummer, needing to take his anger out on something, pounded away at his kit and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. The face of the band – usually the jovial, two-stepping type – crooned in front of the sellout crowd, and then he cried.

    “It’s always easier to leave than be left,” Dave Matthews said to the faces staring back at him, some wet with tears like his. ... (more)

M.I.A. can be found at Bed-Stuy (and soon Coachella)

LOS ANGELES TIMES | April 24, 2008

... Maya Arulpragasam, better known as M.I.A. (is) the widely-acclaimed London-born, Sri Lankan-bred raper who could be the poster child for the wildly diverse Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival ... (more)

Features & Profiles

Life, death and basketball

O.C. REGISTER | Jan. 5, 2005

This story is about a rock – the rubber kind that gets dribbled, passed around and shot through a hoop. And the flesh-and-bones kind that helps keep a family intact through adversity.

    Jamie Glover, a junior guard on the Villa Park girls basketball team, probably could not have been one if it were not for the other. ... (awaiting link)

Lakers inspire local to cut off locks for charity


June 20, 2009

Far away from the Los Angeles Coliseum and the confetti, there was a dimly lit classroom in Santa Monica that played home to a very different kind of Lakers celebration Wednesday.

    This one involved meditation and a pair of scissors. ... (more)